Thursday, January 11, 2007

Deceptive Godfather makes trouble from the grave

The late James Brown was always hard to size up, size-wise. He had that heightening pompadour, wore lifts, and was a constant whirl of movement, making it difficult to measure him against anyone or anything of known height.

Brown's death hasn't ended the debate over how tall he once was. Earlier this week 62-year old David Brooks Jr. and 70-year old Don Gulley, both of Atmore, Alabama, got into a heated argument over the Godfather of Soul's true height.

According to witnesses the argument escalated into a physical confrontation and ended with Brooks and Gulley
exchanging gunfire. Brooks was hospitalized with two bullet wounds to the abdomen.

Because they are senior citizens living in Alabama, I will let them off the hook for not being as tech-savvy as they could be, but if you ever find yourself in a passionate debate over the height of your favorite celebrity please refer to the spectacular Internet resource

The folks at Celebheights, through a careful process involving photographs, news accounts, biolographical material, message board discussion, and their extensive database of famous heights, are the last word on celebrity longitude. James Brown, for example, was 5'6.

Celebheights caters to our natural curiosity about how tall -- or, more likely, not tall -- our favorite movie stars, athletes and entertainers really are.

It could also save your life.

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