Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Page Six, where there was once Karl Marx

All day I've been eyeing an item about Hugo Chavez on Drudge. The link, which is directly under another link about Chavez, reads "Calls Jesus Christ the greatest socialist in history."

The reason I found this link so potentially interesting -- until about five minutes ago when I actually hit it -- is that I've been having a day-long problem with the wiring between my eyes and my brain and have been consistently misreading it as "Calls Jesus Christ the greatest socialite in history."

Such a declaration would have been a great next chapter in the chronicles of Chavez's rhetorical madness, and a blog post I could take in all sorts of directions.

With the somewhat more logical truth revealed, I'm left to ponder how far the once-mighty ideology of socialism has fallen that it has now been visually replaced, in my subconscious, by the trivial pursuit of social prominence.

I blame the internet age which, despite its ridiculously egalitarian strarting point, has turned out to be much kinder to the socialites than the socialists.

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