Friday, September 29, 2006

NFL picks week 4

SAN DIEGO at Baltimore (+2.5) Nice game winning drive by McNair last week, but he's still a shell of his former self.

NEW ORLEANS at Carolina (-7) To be honest, if the Saints keep winning I'm going to start to hate the Ninth Ward.

Miami at HOUSTON (+3.5) At least David Carr still has his spleen.

INDIANAPOLIS at Jets (+9) Dungy angry the Colts only beat Jacksonville by a touchdown -- because really, best regular season team of all-time is what the Colts should be shooting for.

DALLAS at Tennessee (+9) T.O. gives "suicide pool" a completely new meaning. If Denver didn't have a bye this week, I'd take Jake Plummer. But since they do it has to be Culpepper.

ARIZONA at Atlanta (-7.5) Who's got two thumbs and should start at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals?

MINNESOTA at Buffalo (-1) I've crunched the numbers and come up with Minnesota 17 Buffalo 16. Guarantee.

SAN FRANSISCO at Kansas City (-7) Apropos of nothing, here is a political joke: So George Allen, George Allen and George Allen walk into a bar . . .

Detroit at ST. LOUIS (-5.5) According to Roy Williams, right before the season began he would have bet anyone a million dollars that Detroit wouldn't be 0-3. Suddenly I have the urge to spend Labor Day of '07 in Detroit.

CLEVELAND at Oakland (+2.5) Last week against a great defense Charlie Frye looked like a young Brett Farve. Meaning most of the passes he threw without bothering to look first were completed to his own team.

JACKSONVILLE at Washington (+3) John Hall, watch your back. Tom Cruise seen palling around with David Beckham.

New England at CINCINNATI (-6) It's easy to blame Tom Brady's frustrated demeanor on the loss of Deion Branch. Has anyone considered home wrecking Bill Belichick might be scamming on his woman?

Seattle at CHICAGO (-3.5) Shaun Alexander should be asking God for a new left guard.

Green Bay at PHILADELPHIA (-11) Brian Westbrook is the NFL's top statistical running back even though he never practices and, more impressively, rarely touches the ball in games.

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