Thursday, September 21, 2006

T-Warrior reporting for duty

Over last couple months the liberal blogsphere has been gleeful in their reporting that Bill O'Reilly is losing viewers. That may be, but after checking the latest ratings it is deceitful-- and all too common -- to write anything about O'Reilly and viewers without mentioning the extent he continues to dominate the small pond that is cable news.

Unfortunately for the shout-show king I'm not the only one who has taken note of his predominance. According to O'Reilly, O'Reilly has been targeted for extermination by the Al Qaeda terror syndicate. He admits the threat is unnerving. To feel safer he has bestowed upon himself an intimidating nickname.

The enemy of all things spin is now the T-Warrior. Who in their right mind would come after the T-Warrior?

Seeing as Al Qaeda hasn't been able to strike a single inch of the United States in over five years, I'm not sure if they pose a plausible threat to an individual citizen -- even a very tall, loud one.

But, then again, no one has ever threatened to kill me. So I can't be sure, if I found myself marked for death, I wouldn't adopt a scary-sounding moniker to make them think twice.

What I do know is O'Reilly's new nickname sounds gansta. The T-Warrior Crew or T-Warrior Millionaires would be right at home flashing their ice on Rap City. This is odd because in the past O'Reilly has had nothing nice to say about hip-hop culture.

The "T" happens to stand for traditional. As in the values Bill O'Reilly fights for five nights a week.

I guarantee O'Reilly's cable news-nemesis Keith Olbermann will have his own take on what the "T" stands for. And the 38 people who watch Olbermann's show will find it hilarious.

Update: The personal Al-Qaeda threat is likely a figment of T-Warrior's imagination. Will this mean he has to drop his new, ferocious tag? Let's hope not.

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Anonymous said...

not everyone has a "charles" to protect them...consider yourself lucky.