Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is not Drew Bledsoe's day

There is no player in all of sports whose success depends upon another player as much as a wide receiver relies on his quarterback. That is why it is so odd Terrell Owens has made a career of demeaning the men responsible for throwing him the football.

In San Francisco Pro Bowl quarterback Jeff Garcia was "gay." Then in Philadelphia Pro Bowl quarterback and league MVP candidate Donovan McNabb was a "hypocrite." Beyond the insulting labels, in both stops T.O. made it clear his QB was holding him back and he'd be better off somewhere else.

When he landed in Dallas there were a lot of snickers. Dallas QB Drew Bledsoe isn't terrible but even in his prime, which had past long ago, he was no better than Garcia or McNabb.

Everyone knew Owens would end up throwing Bledsoe under the bus just like he had the others. The only questions were "when and how?"

Well it looks he's gone in a completely different direction. Finding life with a truly mediocre QB unbearable, T.O. attempted to
end it all last night.

Owens is obviously a troubled individual, so maybe it's not nice to mock his plight. But at the same time the details of the suicide attempt make it seem half-hearted -- and possibly exaggerated. Many will conclude it was more of a cry for attention/publicity than an act of genuine despair.

A theory that gains credence when you consider T.O's
publicist made the 911 call.

Although that shouldn't make Drew Bledsoe, with his stiff mechanics and poor late-game decision making, feel that much better.

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Joe Tornatore said...

i followed Owens in Philly. a mental health professional might rule in a bi-polar depression diagnosis.