Thursday, October 12, 2006

Celebrity updates!

Sienna Miller and Pittsburgh are still going at it. I've already documented Pittsburgh's feeble attempt to punish Miller -- who's apparently become an actress on us -- for her harsh words about the city. But it looks like individual Pittsburghians have taken it upon themselves to hit Miller where it really hurts.

On Saturday night in the Steel City, Miller was
thrown out of Young's Tavern because she didn't have proper ID. In an attempt to use her local notoriety to get served without documentation, Miller ripped her hat off and declared "I'm Sienna Miller. I'm a famous actress."

Bad move.

Now the whole bar knew to watch with glee as the still-ejected Brit stewed on the street for half an hour. Of course the bar owner and bouncer gloated to the local papers about the incident.

And, halfway around the world, it turns out Madonna, despite the
smoke screens, has adopted a one-year old Malawian boy. The boy's father was thrilled that a famous celebrity would want his spawn. Although he probably thinks he gets to sleep with the married Madonna now.

Then again, I'm not sure he doesn't.

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