Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I guess winning wasn't the only thing

Sandy Sullivan, a 65 year-old Republican with no political experience, has spiced things up in Wisconsin by using her exploits as a Green Bay Packers' groupie during the legendary Vince Lombardi era to promote her long-shot campaign for state Attorney General.

In a book she self-published and links on her campaign website she boasts of a wild youth full of braving hotel fire escapes for trysts with Packer greats such as Paul Hornung and Dan Currie. Although, lest we think she would lie down for anyone who's worn the yellow and green, she cruelly points out she nixed sex with all-time Packer great Don Huston because he was fifty at the time.

As Tom Delay has shown generation of exterminators the stigma of professional bug-killing doesn't have to be a hindrance to a political career, will Sullivan's disclosure signal to other women who've strived to achieve status by sleeping with famous men that the avenues to elected office remain open?

I'm not going to make any Hillary Clinton jokes here, but I do feel the need to warn any groupies -- or chicken heads, as the kids are calling them these days -- that this type of campaign technique would only work in the Packers-mad Badger State.

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