Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nineteen songs I've been enjoying lately

Money Talks AC/DC The Razor's Edge AC/DC has always been willing to pair an almost spinal tap-level of comedy to their hard rock, heavy metal whatever you want to call it. This humorous song about a gold-digging groupie type flat-out rocks.

Petrol Ash Trailer From their first album. I don't think I'd ever heard this song until a few weeks ago. It's noisy, disjointed and doesn't seem to make much sense lyrically. But I can't stop listening to it.

The Paw Paw Negro Blow Torch Brain Eno Here Come the Warm Jets Pretty definitive proof of the hand Brain Eno had in shaping the Talking Head's sound. As good or better than any Talking Head's song.

We Live Again Beck Mutations Mutations is a low-key masterpiece. This airy, downbeat but optimistic song is the best of the lot.

Falling Ben Kweller Sha Sha It's the only Ben Kweller song I've ever heard. I should probably download more.

Goin' Against Your Mind Built to Spill You In Reverse This song makes me want to learn to play guitar and be in a band so I could play it on stage.

Somebody got Murdered The Clash Sandinista! I've always been resistant to listen to Sandinista because it's 36 songs long and rumored to be highly experimental. Now that I have, I can say the experiment worked about half the time.

Never Win Fischerspooner Odyssey A stomping mix of new wave and techno.

The Vanishing Spies Frank Black Teenager of the Year A tight, irreverent pop song.

Your Little Hoodrat Friend The Hold Steady Separation Sunday To me they sound like Springsteen if he were a jaded, junkie, hipster type. Although I'm sure most of their fans would think that is an insult. New album comes out today.

The Bucket Kings of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak The singer's bizarre Jamaica via Tennessee accent doesn't bother me as much in this song as it does in some of their others -- although it's in full effect.

TKO Le Tigre This Island Apparently I like "riot girl" music.

Walk Away Renee The Left Bank There's Going to Be a Storm A song that never gets old

Hallelujah Leonard Cohen Various Positions The more famous cover got schlocked up by 9/11. The original was more interesting anyway.

This Time Around Luna Bewitched Reminds me of college

Law Low My Morning Jacket Z Anytime I can listen to a jammy song twice in a row it's something special.

Star Primal Scream Vanishing Point Soulful song from a band with a diversity of sound.

Beat on the Brat Ramones Ramones Beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat. Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh- oh. What can you do? What can you do? With a brat like that always on your back what can you lose?

I Don't Feel Like Dancing Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah! New single shows they can channel the Bee Gees as well as they can Elton John.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a JSB monthly MP3 burn for loyal readers?

JT said...

Maybe. But, seeing as many of my readers are "anonymous" were would I send them?