Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hoops McCann is now completely coherent

Hoops McCann spends his afternoons lounging with Klaus and The Rooster and his nights running with Kid Charlemagne. Now that's a fast bunch, anytime of the day. I've been lucky enough to hang with Hoops and his boys before, and I've noticed they tend to speak to each other in staccato bursts of coded hipness. Quite frankly, I never understand what they are talking about. I'm just happy to be there.

When I brought Hoops on as jsb's special basketball correspondent I was concerned his speaking style might seep into his written prose. It has been noted that his first two dispatches, while probably brilliant, have thoroughly confused the bulk of jsb's readership.

It was with great trepidation I informed Hoops of this outcome. He was surprisingly gracious and agreed to address the problem. His latest effort -- on the struggles of Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns -- displays a startling turn towards lucidity. Check it out


Gone to the blogs said...

I can't believe Hoops got through his whole column without coining the nickname "Stevie Wander" practically jumps off the page.

'Nothing But Trouble' (the movie) is a real trainwreck. I'm actually surprised that Comedy Central hasn't bought the rights to it so they can play it every Saturday afternoon in the "all-flop" lineup they tend to run.

JT said...

Good point on the Stevie Wander. Hoops was trying so hard to write down to the workaday slubs, he missed the obvious.