Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More fun, my hiney

The New Oxford American Dictionary has declared "carbon neutral" the word (or words) of 2006. The dictionary defines carbon neutral as calculating your total climate-damaging carbon emissions and reducing them where possible.

Carbon neutral is "more than a trend it's a movement," gushes New Oxford. It will be included in their 2007 edition.

They also tap another "movement," "islamofacism," as one of their runner-up words. For better or worse islamofacism (as islamofacism and islamo-facism) is a more commonly used word than "carbon neutral." But it isn't really surprising the dictionary went with the PC pick.

Other runner-ups include "dwarf planet," a word created when Pluto was kicked from the planetary big-boy table, and "elbow bump," which is how the germ-conscious World Health Organization recommends the human beings greet each other. Of all the runner-up words "elbow bump" is the least likely to ever be elevated to word of the year. Or to be spoken by an actual human being.

My favorite runner-up word was "funner." I've been lobbying for its inclusion since I was five years old.

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