Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bubba Chuck says goodbye

In a move eleven years in the making, the Philadelphia 76ers finally unloaded Allen Iverson. As a Sixer fan I'll certainly miss the little fella. The practice averse dynamo was always entertaining and, for a few years, he was even the catalyst and mainstay of a pretty good team.

You never get full value when you trade a disgruntled superstar. That in mind, I think the Sixers made out fine in the deal. Andre Miller is a solidly above average point guard who should fit in well with the little talent the Sixers still have. The two '07 draft picks Philly received will probably be in the second half of the first round -- but next year's draft is rated the best and deepest of the last decade. And, of course, there is the expiring contract of Joe Smith, Mr. Anonymous himself.

As for the Nuggets, only time will tell. One thing is for sure: With Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Marcus Camby, Eduardo Najera, "Nene," George Karl and the ghost of Kenyon Martin the Pepsi Center now houses the most mentally unstable cast of characters since
Crazy People, the aptly titled 1990 Dudley Moore funny farm farce.

It's going to be an explosive situation in Denver. Or, to update Dave Chappelle, "There is nothing you can say about the 06-07 Denver Nuggets that hasn't already been said about Iraq."

But enough about me. I'm sure you all want to hear about what Hoops has to say. Hoops has been partying hard since the late sixties -- his Gamma Chi days. The lifestyle has been catching up with him as of late, and he bravely fought illness to file this timely

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