Monday, December 04, 2006

Idle threat of the week

The panel of judges isn't afraid to disagree -- sometimes quite violently. But there is one subject about which we have always been in concert: College football.

Because college football is so inferior to the pro game, the only justification an adult has for following the sport closely is if that adult happens to be a former state schooler, now in sales and burdened with the masochistic urge to dress like a golf pro and consume 9 AM beers and mid-morning barbecue while surrounded by similarly attired contemporaries who call each other by derogatory nicknames in an attempt to hang on to the last vestiges of a youth that was, in reality, quite boring.

That being said, the reemergence of the traditional college football powers and a spate of thoroughly entertaining high profile games have softened the panel's stance towards the sport.

There was even talk, last week, about how excited we were for the USC-Ohio State national championship game.

Well, UCLA ruined that with one of those annoyingly "gutsy" performance. Then the BCS -- the human element, I might add -- ruined everything else by bumping Florida past Michigan.

Michigan and Ohio State are the biggest rivals in all of college football, and are just off a classic game on Ohio State's home turf that was begging for a neutral site rematch. All the panel knows about Florida is they were barely able to beat perma-SEC-whipping boy's Vanderbilt and South Carolina, and have a whiny coach with a weird name that isn't Spurrier and a four-year starting quarterback who still needs to be removed from the game when the team gets close to the goal line.

College football had us going for a for a couple years. We really did think its threat to further clutter our lives by giving us yet another thing to care about was valid.

It turns out they were headed for a bid in Idle Threat of The Week for November 27 to December 2 all along. No, that doesn't come with a 17 million dollar payout, but it does include the honor of being added to the illustrious roster of previous winners.


Gone to the blogs said...

Loved the mental image of the weekend warrior state school alums gathered in Dockers and sweater vests. Don't forget the other reasons underlying their interest (beyond the desire to recapture lost youth) - they all either "roomed with a guy who played" or "coulda played."

JT said...

You mean "Dumptruck." He's the one wearing the XXXL v-necked windshirt and the distracting glob of ketchup.

Gone to the blogs said...

And while they're all bragging about their homes and trucks (for which they are financially overstretched), they also sling around a few jabs about how their wives (i.e. "the girls") are at the mall with the credit cards.

Anonymous said...

does remind me of a place i used to work...and lingo such as "bro" "good job" and "happy hour" reigned supreme..

and UW is now a basketball school.