Monday, December 18, 2006

Isn't Tara pretty when she fakes sincercity?

Former Miss USA Tara Conner may have been booted from her Trump Place gigs for inappropriate behavior -- the latest rumors involve a positive test for cocaine and leading her roommate, Miss Teen USA, "astray" -- but don't worry, Tara is taking more than just her fifteen minutes and the affection of this blogger back to Kentucky with her. According to the Daily News:

"She (Tara Conner) was just sitting with some guy at the end of the bar. She seemed perfectly well-behaved," said a bar patron who asked not to be named. "An older gentleman comes over and says, 'What's in the bag?' She said, 'Oh, it's my tiara.'"

Conner then gamely cracked open the handbag - revealing the sparkly crown crammed in with the rest of her personal items, the source said.

I hope Tara knows, plundered tiara or not, she doesn't have to be Miss USA to make sweet mayhem. I am prepared to report on her post-crown exploits even if they take place in a dingy roadhouse in some far-off, god-forsaken, blue-grassed corner of the world. Always steady in my belief we'd all be in a better place if the comings and goings of Tara Conner received the same treatment as Paris Hilton's perpetually over-rated whereabouts do.

Or better yet, if every time we had to see a picture of Paris Hilton, we got to see one of Tara Conner

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