Monday, January 29, 2007

Idle threat of the week

Little is really known about most of the men who earn their living on the PGA Tour. Less still about the collection of international racket slingers who travel the world competing on the various surfaces of the ATP tour.

Despite this dearth of workable information the panel of judges was able to conclude these athletes -- who are paid each week based on performance -- have ample incentive to try to win. If not to satisfy their competitive urges born from childhoods of regimented unpleasantness, than to feed the mouths of the coaches, trainers, sports psychiatrists, hanger-oners and sycophants that fill the entourage of the modern day professional sportsman.

Yet as evidenced week after week, these would- be contenders pose no actual threat to defeat the two kings or their respective sports.

So feeble have been their recent attempts to even challenge Roger Federer or Tiger Woods that, among active competitors, Woods and Federer are now only compared to each other.

We here at Idle Threat of the Week believe Federer is clearly more dominant, but Woods is probably more impressive, and look for 2007 to provide a definitive winner in the Federer-Woods debate.

Who would have thought it would be Tiger Woods who brought the excitement back to long-dormant men's tennis?

Granted it is idle threats, not elevated country club activities, where we have earned our expertise. That in mind, the "field" -- which now means everyone minus one in men's golf and tennis -- wins Idle Threat of the Week for January 22-28.

It is an award they should remain eligible for indefinitely.

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Furious Forehand said...

Federer will dominate this years Open as well, you just can't stop him. That's why i picked him to win my Raquet Bracket on the tennis channel's website. I have Maria winning the women's bracket. $1000 bucks to the winner.