Monday, January 22, 2007

Michael Vick is gullible

The test results are in and the small amount of dark particulate with a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana that was found in the secret compartment of the water bottle Michael Vick tried to illegally bring onto an airplane is not marijuana.

While this will likely spare Vick a small fine, it far from exonerates the Falcons' quarterback. In fact this twist opens up a whole new possibility so horrifyingly stupid that even Vick's biggest booster should be hoping the preliminary test was a false negative, even if the positive test to come would put Vick in the NFL's drug diversion program and one step closer to a four game suspension.

Does Michael Vick smoke fake drugs?

Remember back in high school when you would give the over-anxious kid who talked too much about his partying prowess non-alcoholic beer and then sit back and nudge your friends when he pretended to be drunk?

Is it just me or does any else think DeAngelo Hall or Ludacris or Michael's trouble making trickster of a little brother, Marucs, is laughing hysterically at what has just transpired?

Ready with another pack of neatly wrapped oregano to give Michael when gets back to Atlanta.


Katie C said...

Hahahahaha!! Ya know. Getting busted for pot is no fun but getting busted with hidden spices that you thought was pot is even worse. Poor dude's been had.
And if you are rich and famous what in the world are you doing smoking anything that looks oregano. It's called good pot and it's not dry, and flaky. Come on.

Ann said...

Hi Jeremy,

All the critics and no
Now we find out he didn't have any pot on him at all or in the bottle.

Innocent of all charges.
Anyway I found your site because I have an Atlanta Sports blog and if you want to link up let me know heres the link.
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JT said...

I couldn't care less that he smokes pot -- I be surprised if he didn't. But, if he tried to take a water bottle with a secret compartment onto an airplane he is guilty as charged on the count of stupidity.