Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tara Reid is not mathematically inclined

It's one of life's cruel ironies: Those who become celebrities for no reason -- and are able to sustain this baseless fame for a certain period time -- eventually start receiving financial compensation just for being famous. For example, Paris Hilton is currently getting half a million dollars to tour around Australia, strike bored poses and stiff local establishments on ten dollar lunch bills.

Tara Reid, presumably, comes for a lot cheaper than that. So some Chicago party promoters paid her to appear at their gala New Year's party, figuring the strong correlation between Tara Reid appearing at a party and Tara Reid falling off a table and out of her dress at a party would sell more 200 dollar tickets.

A solid enough strategy. Unfortunately, they went a step further and allowed Tara to do the countdown. Confusion ensued. Mayhem was barely avoided.

I don't know if we can just blame Tara, or if an unseen teleprompter contributed, but what follows does not display the linear quality we have come to expect and demand from a New Year's Eve countdown:

If you watched that, it's like you spent New Year's Eve with Tara Reid -- but for free!

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