Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pete Doherty sells more drugs than Pfizer

This is a video of rock star and famous junkie Pete Doherty shooting drugs in a Thai hotel room. Before the video begins The Sun, a British tabloid, runs the disclaimer "anyone thinking of taking drugs should watch this video to see the damage drugs can do to your life."

Then the video disappoints mightily, if you're into proper depictions of the damage drugs can do to your life. Instead you see Doherty methodically doing his thing in a clean, crisp hotel room as two girls, who are cute for girls with digitally removed faces, move about. Later Doherty speaks on the phone with his girlfriend, long-time icon of international beauty Kate Moss. You hear the smooth sounds of Gorillaz in the background. Briefly, Doherty sings along.

Not to be outdone by the hysterical disclaimer, the video ends with this printed messaged: "To help avoid the horror you’ve just seen call __."

It is possible horror means something different in England than it does in the United States. Something more casual and less horrible -- like the way the Brits use the cringy word "cunt" when our Yankee sensibilities call for a simple "bitch."

But that doesn't really explain it. The only way there could have been a less horrific depiction of heroin use is if, at some point, an overeager puppy romped with a playful baby chimpanzee.

Full disclosure: I am wrestling with the possibility the horrible and pointless death of my favorite race horse has temporarily altered my perspective on all things horrific.

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