Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cricket's March Madness continues

A couple days I ago I pointed out that cricket represents the lion to the NCAA Basketball Tournament's March Madness lamb.

When I did so, I was holding back on another story line from the Cricket World Cup in the West Indies -- the death of Pakistani Coach Bob Woolmer.

Woolmer, one of the most renowned cricket coaches in the world, died after Pakistan suffered a shocking St. Patrick's day defeat to Ireland, a team which is basically assembled to even up the numbers at the event.

Woolmer was found in a hotel room pool of vomit 36 hours after the loss. The autopsy was performed yesterday, and last night Jamaica's deputy commissioner of police labeled the preliminary findings "suspicious."

The early word from all over the Commonwealth is murder.

The prime suspects would be match-fixers, who perhaps saw signs of freelance work in Woolmer's -- whose players have been implicated before -- latest team's improbable defeat.

Caribbean authorities haven't distinguished themselves in previous autopsies (Daniel Smith) or murder investigations (Natalee Holloway) so we probably won't be getting to the bottom of this anytime soon.

But it should put things in perspective for Tubby Smith.

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