Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eddie Griffins can't drive

On Monday Undercover Brother Eddie Griffin considerably raised his profile by wrecking a rare 1.5 million dollar Ferrari Enzo during a charity event promoting his next movie, Redline.

Today there are increasing grumbles that the wreck was staged. While I certainly think there is a chance the whole thing was a publicity stunt -- especially considering it was Redline producer Daniel Sadek's car -- the conspiracy theorists prove, once again, they flunk basic logic -- even when they may be right.

The consensus among the doubters is that when the man doesn't flinch as the Ferrari hits the barrier (here is the video) it proves he had prior knowledge of the crash. Yet I say what person in his right mind would stand on the other side of a two foot wall when he knows a car is about to hit that barrier at a speed fast enough to lift the vehicle in the air and total it?

That's neither here nor there because I'm beginning to suspect there is something far more sinister afoot.

Regular readers of this space will remember the last time I covered a spectacular car crash was back in July. What set this previous crash apart wasn't so much rarity and cost of the automobile destroyed, but the oddity and the stupidity of the driver's behavior: He was drunk, watching pornography and masturbating when he barreled his vehicle into a parked SUV.

The randy multitasker was a power forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves who goes by the name of . . . Eddie Griffin.


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