Monday, March 12, 2007

Idle threat of the week

With the primary season off to a surprisingly early start, democratic front runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been increasingly targeting each other with their words and itinerary.

One of the techniques of combat Obama's camp has been employing is consciously evoking the freshness that the Kennedy clan brought upon the nation a half century ago -- in contrast to the stale, cynical Clinton dynasty Hillary would be continuing.

At first law school grad Obama was cast as idealistic, hard charging Attorney General Robert Kennedy. But, as Obama's fortunes in the polls have improved, the comparisons have shifted to Robert's more famous older brother, 35th president of the United States John F. Kennedy.

Yesterday Hillary saw the Obama threat to be JFK and equaled it. Because, basically, Kennedy was a Catholic and Hillary is a woman.

While JFK is an iconic and admired figure, it is important to note that his tragically truncated presidency was full of sneaky foreign engagements, nuclear brinkmanship and the acceleration of a war between civilizations -- all things the nation has been indicating it may be tiring of.

Then there is the issue of his "nighttime" activities. Rumor has it an acquiescent press corps glossed over this lascivious behavior, which may have involved perhaps the most prominent sex symbols in American history. Of course, in this day and age, the mere rumor of such Commander-in-Chief scandal would literally break the Internet.

But don't worry, weary Internet loving nation. Since his untimely death JFK has become a based-on-actual-events legend who never really existed. While Hillary and Obama are flesh-and blood-people with easy to spot warts and flaws-- almost like me and you.

And their attempts to position themselves as otherwise will get them elected to nothing besides The Idle Threat of the Week for March 5th through 11th. Together, on a unity ticket of sorts.

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