Friday, March 16, 2007

"Titled" Eurotrash strikes back

The "prince" who obtained his title in a back moat deal in Germany, before taking his shtick to America, is back at it.

Upon his arrival Prince Frederic Von Anhalt, a masseur by trade, skillfully made himself Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband number nine, and then endured almost two decades without a hint of media attention. That all ended when the "prince" injected himself in the Anna Nicole Smith baby daddy sweepstakes -- many say for the purpose of drumming up a story for the European tabloids.

Von Anhalt's bold move may have pleased his benefactors, but it raised the ire of American shout show king Bill O'Reilly who, during an on-air rant, angrily labeled Von Anhalt a "fraud" for suggesting paternity .

The "prince" responded by taking a page from the Keith Olbermann guide to raising one's profile and has slapped O'Reilly with a ten million dollar defamation lawsuit.

Since O'Reilly's strong opinions often escape his filter before rational thought can do its thing, the talk show host has probably defamed, in the true sense of the word, hundreds of people. Although defamation is almost impossible to prove in a court of law -- especially in cases where the "defamer" has his facts straight.

As the Anna Nicole Smith paternity saga moves into its second month so, it appears, is the seemingly simple task of matching DNA.

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