Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tommy Losarda needs relief

Mindful of the firestorm created in the mid 90's by the "naming of names" during the trial of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, Jody "Babydol" Gibson, who calls herself the Hollywood Super Madam, will do the same in a new book.

Like Fleiss, Gibson was tried and convicted of running a prostitution ring. Unlike Fleiss, the names of Gibson's celebrity clientele were redacted during the legal proceedings and kept away from the public.

Until today with the release of Gibson's tome, "Secrets of a Hollywood SuperMadam."

The names have already been leaking out, and include the usual suspects -- actors, musicians, movie producers and sultans.

But the one name that has been generating the most heat is the most unlikely -- Hall of Fame former baseball manager, Tums and Slimfest pitchmen and perennial candidate for America's wacky Italian grandfather Tommy Lasorda.

In marketing a tell-all book about prostitution anyone can trot out entertainment types with reputations for wild partying. Some, like Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis, will suspiciously deny the charges, while others, like ex-Sex Pistols guitarist Mick Jones, will neither confirm or deny -- not for legal reasons, but because he admits to genuinely not being able to remember.

Lasorda though adds a certain badge of authenticity. Unfortunately, judging from leaked excerpts I can't recommended trying to find on the Internet, Gibson's book will include the vivid details of exactly what Lasorda likes to do with his cannoli. One can only assume, during the encounters, he is wearing his cherished Dodger blue.

The truth might set you free from libel settlements, but fiction probably makes for a more comfortable read.

Update: A high-end DC-area madam in need of funds for her legal defense is threatening to go public with her phone records. So there may soon be more famous, fat, old guys for us to to be forced to think about "that way."

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