Friday, April 27, 2007

Alec Baldwin continues to be not nice

I haven't had a whole lot to say about the Alec Baldwin daughter-trashing incident because I've been trying to give Alec the benefit of the doubt. Reason being he's developed into a such a top-notch scene-stealing actor and, quite frankly, I live in fear of the collective powers of the Baldwin brood. Anyway, if you only listen to the first 30 seconds of Alec's two-and-a-half minute ass-straightening, swine-equating tirade it's not that bad.

But Alec lost me with today's (taped) apology. So he goes to Dr. Phil to work out his rage and daughter-hatred issues? I don't even think this Phil is a real doctor. In fact, if memory serves, he was some sort of cow wrangler until Oprah found him and unleashed him upon the world.

Sometimes, during a basketball game, a streaking jump shooter will pull up for a ridiculously long shot. They call that a heat check. Well Dr. Phil was Oprah's heat check. And after he found the target, the daytime talk queen strutted around the court safe in her knowledge the housewives of America have an insatiable appetite for any trash she decides to throw up.

But enough about Phil, the real problem here is Alec. By eschewing proper rehab he is clearly trying to conduct his public rehabilitation on the cheap. What's that about? It's almost like he is saying he doesn't love his daughter as much as Mel Gibson loves not hating Jews, or Mark Foley loves not buggering pages, or Lindsay and Britney love being quasi-respectable celebrities with all their naughty parts covered.

Actually, that is exactly what he is saying. Jerk.

Note: The picture above is not from a cinematic release. It's the inevitable result of an officer of the law's misguided attempt to tell a Baldwin what's what.

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