Thursday, April 05, 2007

Between a (crack) rock and a hard place

Life is full of difficult decisions. But none tougher than deciding between singer-turned-reality-TV-star Whitney Houston and singer-turned-reality-TV-star Bobby Brown when the question is "who's the more fit parent."

Luckily this is not a decision most of us will ever have to make. Judge Franz Miller wasn't so lucky. After carefully weighing Houston's drug-addled insanity against Brown's drug-addled insanity, Miler, in a victory for drug-addled insanity everywhere, awarded custody of 14-year old Bobbi Krista Brown to her mother.

There is no doubt Miller will live to regret his ruling -- whatever his ruling would have been -- and this acts to highlight the great service our men and women in robes provide by arbitrating the unarbitratable.

In ancient times and more barbaric societies Bobbi Krista Brown would have been chopped in half. And then bartered for crack.

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