Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Bush twins serve the country in their own way

You will often hear or read the argument that President Bush should send his daughters to fight in Iraq. At first this logic worried me because I took it to mean a good chunk of our population believed war to be a hilarious mash up of Legally Blond and In The Army Now.

Since I didn't know any better I thought, well, maybe it is. Then I began to fear for the safety of our nation. Luckily I talked to some actual soldiers (and by talk, I mean I read an article or something) and they assured me they take things quite seriously over there.

And even if the twins had the physical attributes, mental discipline and dedication needed to make credible soldiers, sending the children of the president into a battle zone is a shaky proposition at best, with the presidential offspring becoming target number one of the enemy, unfairly endangering everyone around them.

That's basically the conclusion senior officials in the British military appear to be headed for concerning the military career of Prince Harry, who is third in the line of succession to the crown.

Harry has been pining to fight in a war his whole life and excelled in his military training. The prince was given command of a troop of eleven men and was expected to be deployed to Iraq until a last minute review, which may recommend putting an end to Harry's combat dreams by banning him from the front line.

Without the chance of action, Harry will likely quit the army and be forced into his back up plan of being a high-profile drunk. A role Jenna and Barbara happily filled without all the behind-the-scene consternations and talk of "letting the terrorists win" the Prince Harry dilemma has triggered over in England.

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