Thursday, April 19, 2007

Everything they tell you is a lie

I hate being lied to. And now with this latest Gonzales thing -- he got his wife a job or whatever -- we're finally learning the extent to which the bastards will stare right at you and tell you things that simply aren't true.

Does anybody know how difficult it is, in today's fast moving market, to commit securities fraud via the US Postal Service? I do. It's darn near impossible. But I completely bought into that whole "you can't ever really delete emails" deception and thus insisted my Wall Street buddies put the pertinent inside information in a clearly marked envelope and then rush it to the nearest mail box.

So fearful was I of my "permanent" electronic footprint, I've held off on my life long dream of owning a different 14-year old Eastern European sex slave for every day of the week -- you try finding a human trafficker who doesn't eventually ask for your email address.

I know. Just because Karl Rove can make four years of emails "disappear" it doesn't mean anyone can. Rove probably used his evil genius to beat the system. I imagine he concocted a scheme that involved the trash folder on his email account and deleting the correspondences a second time.

Don't worry. Now that the truth has been revealed, it won't be long until I'll be on my brand new yacht, surrounded by my underaged harem. And Karl, if you are reading this, call . . . hell, you might as well just shoot me an email.


Anonymous said...

Blue horseshoe loves the JSB

Anonymous said...

i thought the job jockeying, clearance creator was Wolfowitz

JT said...

I know, that was the joke. Nobody got this post. I blame Bush.