Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Barack out gaffes W by 9788

On Monday President Bush suggested Queen Elizabeth II had visited the United States back in 1776. He meant 1976 and quickly caught himself but ridicule, especially of the British tabloid variety, followed.

While the president briefly gave the queen an age not seen since the time of Methuselah, one of the men who would like to replace Bush in 2009 also reverted to biblical largesse yesterday, claiming the recent tornadoes in Kansas had killed "10,000."

The death toll was actually 12 and when Barack Obama realized, minutes later, what he had done he attributed his gaffe to being "tired."

The best part of Barack's exaggeration (video) is the two guys on the stage behind him who continue with their approving nods even after Obama drops the ridiculous number. As a stump speaker, you can't buy help like that.

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