Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Global deity-esteem won't lead to genocide success

In America, there has been debate surrounding the culture of self-esteem that some feel has infected our schools. These critics point out that much of what is being promoted is global self-esteem, which is a general pride in oneself not grounded in achievement or skills, as opposed to earned self-esteem, which is pride garnered through measurable accomplishments.

I noticed something today that leads me to believe radical Islam is having its own issues with a certain type of "global esteem." It was a quote from Hamas member Sheik Ahmad Bahr who, during a sermon at a mosque in Sudan, declared America and Israel will be annihilated and called upon Allah to kill Jews and Americans "to the very last one."

Remember when the Islamic firebrands used to chant "death to America" and "death to Israel?" Highly unlikely, each, but at least within the broad realm of possibility -- countries have fallen before.

But asking Allah for the annihilation of all Americans and all Jews? Nah. Not even with the overlap. And really, when Allah is pitted against Americans and Jews his plus/minus for annihilation hasn't been so hot lately.

So what we have here is clear case of too much global deity-esteem. I blame the touchy-feely, you're-the-most-special-deity-there-is-and-can-do-anything-you-want-just-because-you're-you approach to Allah which is taught in fundamental madrassas around the world.

Some would say the best way to solve this problem would be to eliminate the genocide talk altogether. Since I don't see that happening, I suggest another solution: Clerics should build the deity up by asking for easier genocides. For example, they could request Allah kill the Samaritans "to the very last one." Since there are only 705 Samaritans left, and they are conveniently in the neighborhood, Allah would be a fluke sand storm away from accomplishing a measurable task of genocide.

Suddenly radical Islam's deity-esteem becomes a little less global and a little more earned. And the murderous intentions of some of its followers would become a smidgen less laughable.

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