Friday, May 18, 2007

Prince Harry royally screwed

Since I first reported, three weeks ago, on the official anxiety over Prince Harry's impending service in Iraq, the British Military has switched their position on whether to allow Harry -- third in the line of succession -- to fight at least four times.

With the big deployment less than a week away, top brass finally came to a concrete decision: Harry is too high profile a target and will not be exposed to combat.

I had speculated earlier that Harry would deal with his battlefield ban by falling back on his other passion of all night merrymaking.

But no. Harry has been informed one of his princely duties will now be staying out of the clubs when the other soldiers in his regiment are fighting in Iraq. This is to prevent the embarrassing scenario of Harry being photographed stumbling out of nightclub on the same day one of his army mates is injured or killed.

I'm always reluctant to use the phrase "have one's cake and eat it too." It never quite makes sense, and it sort of implies that our ancestors wanted to spend their days looking at cake. Which means we all descended from weirdos.

But, right now, I do wish there was a phrase that means the opposite of "having one's cake and eating it too." Because that is exactly what just happened to Prince Harry.

* Late word is the military is contemplating a "secret role" for Harry. Well, if that role happens to involve raids on foreign discos, and all night spent drinking in them to blend in and disguise his true intentions, Harry really would be having his cake and eating it too.

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