Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Democracy isn't always the answer

Hillary Clinton scored yesterday with a clever viral video spoofing the controversial end of the Sopranos. Not only was the video well received in most quarters, but it marked the Clinton campaign's first effective use of 2008 wild card Bill Clinton.

The video was shot to promote the results of a campaign song contest Hillary has been running for the past few weeks. Unfortunately for Hillary -- and glass structures everywhere -- the winning selection included the words Celine and Dion.

Now I'm sure some you are thinking, "don't knock Celine Dion, pretentious music snob, she's sold like 200 million albums world wide."

This is true, but the world is a big place, and there are a lot of prison wardens and gag-gift buyers out there.

Did you know I still haven't watched the movie Titanic because I live in terror of the part where Celine Dion, riding in on a giant iceberg, sings "My Heart Must Go On?"

Plus the balladeer isn't even American. She's Canadian -- and a French Canadian at that.

I really can't put this monstrosity on Hillary supporters alone. It's also the campaign's fault for offering ten different songs to chose from. By diluting the pool with so many selections they created a situation where a minority group -- in this case the hearing impaired -- got to impose their will on everyone else.

* I was going to add that Rudy would have never let this happen, but then I was overcome with the sinking suspicion that the former New York mayor, who has a thing for campy theatrics, is probably, himself, a Celine Dion fan.

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