Friday, July 13, 2007

Come on, everybody roots for the bulls

The creeping predominance of fantasy sports has made rooting interests confusing. For example, if my favorite baseball team is going against a pitcher on my fantasy baseball team I have absolutely no clue who to pull for. Since karma hates indecision (and my brain activity is featured prominently in the design of the universe) this inevitably means the team with my fantasy pitcher will end up beating my favorite team 9 to 8 in 10 innings.

That is why I am such a fan of the running of the bulls. In this confusing modern world -- with its blurred lines between fantasy and reality, and good and evil, and plucky underdog and media manipulator-- it's reassuring to know there is a team I can always feel good about unabashedly rooting for.

Well my bulls had a great day yesterday, sending 13 runners to the hospital -- including seven by vicious goring. The key to the bulls' success was in their crafty decision to break pack mid-run. In the footage above, not only are there a few top notch gorings, but you can actually see the blood stains on the cobblestone streets of Pamplona.

Unfortunately the bulls are still working on a 12 year streak of not inflicting a fatal casualty. But with two days left in the festival, and three critical injuries hanging in the balance, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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