Friday, July 20, 2007

Pol hates puppy murders, has power of damnation

In this senile and emotional speech about the puppy-murdering running quarterback Michael Vick, the senile and emotional Senator Robert Byrd appears to be presenting a hilarious spoof of the very same senile and emotional Senator Robert Byrd you see before you.

Note the repeated use of the word "barbaric," and how Byrd's voice skillfully rises each time he mentions it. Also note that one has to have been crazy for many decades before they are able to make an almost coherent point with such randomly spaced dramatic pauses.

The speech takes quite a turn at the end, when Byrd literally condemns Vick to Hell. My constitutional scholarship might not be all it could be, but I am almost positive the original framers did not grant Congress the power of eternal damnation. Internet fav and original intent zealot Ron Paul is going to be less than pleased with Byrd's wanton expansion of congressional jurisdiction. We can only hope for a response video.

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