Monday, July 02, 2007

Sometimes when the terrorists win, we all win

The defining characteristic of the marriage of Salman Rushdie, a writer, and Padma Lakshmi, a model and TV host, is that she looks like a model and he looks like frog.

There is little more upsetting than a really good looking person having sex with a really ugly person. It's not quite on par with bestiality, but it's too close for comfort. The practice is reviled by the good looking and ugly alike.

Rushdie married Lakshmi in 2004, at a time when the urgency behind the million dollar fatwa the Iranian government issued against Rushdie for blasphemy had long faded. But the jihadist's fervor reignited last month after Rushdie was awarded a Knightship by the Queen of England.

Suddenly, as Lakshmi considered the pros and cons of her marriage, she was forced to add the chance of fiery death to the amphibian aesthetic she was already weighing against her husband's fame and top notch literary mind.

It didn't take long for that camel's back to break, and Lakshmi filed for divorce today.

So the terrorists, by ending Rushdie's and Lakshmi's unholy union, have succeeded where countless snarky blog posts and jealous whispers have failed. But, really, isn't this a victory for all of us? And, if so, could it be we have more in common, the terrorists and us, than previously believed?

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