Wednesday, August 01, 2007

OJ Simpson does not deny killing Bill Walsh

Let's say you have yourself a "tiny little media company" offering fast financial market information to investors. Let's say you want to generate a barrage of traffic to your company's nascent website and break away from the pack of other "tiny little media companies"offering fast financial market information to investors. Would you:

A. Be the first to announce that the Bancroft family had officially approved Rupert Murdoch's bid for Dow Jones.

B. Score an exclusive interview with Alan Greenspan. Report the former Fed chair sneezed twice when asked about the recent decline in housing starts.

C. Run an expose' on satanic practices among private equity fund managers.

D. Have a double murderer who couldn't tell a bid from an offer take questions from the public all week at 4 o'clock.

If you answered D, you would probably be Market News First. And, of course, the double murderer is OJ Simpson. The Juice is working on his 13th year of being the foremost double murderer in American public life.

The clip above is from yesterday's interview streamed on Market News First's website. As you can see, the public had all sorts of fun with calling in and asking the two-time killer questions that made sure to mention that OJ is, in fact, the malicious ender of two lives.

Some of the questions were more clever than others, but OJ met them all with the same kind of comfortable indifference that one can only develop after having been a high profile double murderer for many years. Successful as OJ had been as a running back -- and then as a killer of two people -- he is now just as successful at giving off the impression he could care less about your opinions on his dual homicide. No matter how many times and different ways it is made reference to.

OJ will be on MN1 again today at 4 -- just in time for the market's close!


CoffeyGrinds said...

No. He does not deny killing Bill Walsh. But if he had the ability to cause leukemia we would have had an even bigger story.

Remember. 5:00PM CDT


JT said...

You're right 5 (actually six over here on the East Coast.) I guess you would know. Kind of killed my whole joke about the market close. My hats off to you for booking a well-known double murderer. Due to scarcity of notable double-murders these days, it most have been a tough get.