Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Britney as a nimble fingered Indoneisan child

To tie together a couple VMA subplots and make us all think, today noted social commentator Kayne West has accused MTV of not only failing to concern itself with black people but of "exploiting" an unprepared, unstable (and Caucasian) Britney Spears.

There is no arguing the effectiveness of the Viacom owned entity's use of the singer -- despite being universally nominated for the worst three plus hours of television programming in the history of Western civilization, the 2007 version of the VMA's were the highest rated since 2003. Yes the same year the station that used to play music videos "exploited" Britney into sharing a lesbian themed kiss with Madonna.

But did Kayne actually, literally mean what he said? I think not. A wise but subversive thinker such as West surely knows the best way to combat annoying and overused words is to employ them in ways which render them meaningless.

My only complaint with the recording artist's strategy is he stopped so arbitrarily at exploited, when he could have so easily took on other favorites of the dramatic and the morose. Oppressed, tragedy and atrocity come to mind, and I'm sure with Kayne's verbal dexterity and yen for pointed absurdity he could have used them all in a discussion of improperly chilled back stage bottled water.

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