Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halle Berry used to be Jewish

As part of a prearranged bit during Friday's taping of the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Halle Berry showed Jay and the audience pictures from a computer program which distorts images like a fun house mirror would. While introducing a picture of herself with a larger nose, Berry ad-libbed and explained "here's where I look like my Jewish cousin." The Tonight Show helpfully edited out the "Jewish" part, so it took a couple days for what she really said to get out into the public sphere.

Berry seems genuinely upset and apologetic for her gaffe, which she totally blames on being tricked by her Jewish friends' self-deprecating senses of humor. Although I doubt the incident will have any effect on her. Just because the gossip rags and the Internet are required to mention and follow up on such things concerning violations of the PC-code, it doesn't mean anyone is going to care.

I do find it odd that Berry would think to pin her digitally distorted nose on a hypothetical Semitic relative, when, staying closer to home, the image probably looked like her very own nose once did.

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