Thursday, October 11, 2007

Politician defeats Youtube

As a general rule, when a politician is filmed dropping 16 f-bombs and threatening multiple acts of violence onto folks in close proximity, it is not good for the career.

But in this clip New York City Councilman James Oddo charges into that lion's den and emerges unscathed. Oddo's ire was drawn by a Norwegian television interviewer who, in the spirit of Steven Colbert or Ali G, expressed surprise that African Americans were constitutionally permitted to run for president, before slandering Hillary Clinton by confusing the details of the famous Bill Clinton/Monica Lewisinky cigar encounter.

In a show of bipartisanship rare these days, Oddo, a Republican from Staten Island, mounts a volatile and colorful defense of the former first lady's honor.

While the councilman says he regrets his mother had to hear him use such language, political analysts seem to think this will only help his standing with the rest of his home constituency.

Which isn't to say the popular Norwegian comedy show didn't get exactly what it wanted. Oddo probably didn't teach Norway any new words, but he certainly showed the Scandinavian nation how to say them properly.

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