Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two new sites to check out

After Drudge and my various fantasy sports teams, the first site I check every morning is RealClearPolitics. Now the folks behind the most information crammed (but easy to read) political page on the Internet are bringing their talent for aggregating to the world of competitive athletics with RealClearSports. Because it's not full of self-promotion, hip declarations of what's "next," and RAM sapping embedded videos, I already like it ten times better than I do

Anyone who misses the nightly satire of The Daily Show, or who likes a current events-based chuckle when on-the-clock, should check out 23/6. The site, a co-production of Barry Diller's IAC and The Huffington Post, provides "up-to-the-minute topical comedic reaction to news and current events." I'll be contributing to their group blog. If you've ever wondered what I sort of look like or what my last name is, the answer is currently somewhere on 23/6 . . .

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