Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Paris wants to ruin it for everyone

In survey after survey women site sense of humor, intelligence and loyalty high among the characteristics they seek most in a male partner. Luckily for guys who posses these traits not all women -- mainly Paris Hilton -- finds them so appealing.

Which means all the time Paris has spent choosing her partners based on hair greasiness and Page Six mentions is time the smart funny loyal guys have spent not catching gonorrhea from her.

But that all could end as, in an interview with reporters in Berlin today, Paris declared now that she is single she is looking for a new type of man.

"He should be funny, smart and loyal," the hotel heiress stated.

It is now up to all the males out there with those traits to resist the hair extended, color contacted charms of Paris Hilton, and save the time-honored attributes of intelligence, sense of humor and loyalty from a taint they could potentially never recover from.

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