Monday, January 07, 2008

Bet on LSU, against Obama assassination

I do understand the anxiety that many feel surrounding Barack Obama and assassination. If it was still 1968 a serious black presidential candidate with "Kennedyesque charm" would have little chance surviving breakfast, let alone a long political campaign. But 1968 was a long time ago and, while it only takes one bad seed, I seriously doubt there will be an attempt on Obama's life. Unless he surprises us all and decides to run for president of Pakistan.

That being said, it's not like American assassins have followed a certain logic pattern since their days of big game hunting during the sixties. To me, the most fascinating aspect of our nation's assassination history took place in 1975, when there were two attempts on Gerald Ford's life within a two week period -- and both would-be assassins were women. I don't know what is stranger, that a US president was almost taken out by someone named Squeaky, or that two different people were actually able to convince themselves taking out Gerald Ford was worth the personal consequences.

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