Monday, January 28, 2008

Death Watch: Heath Ledger update

The latest word from TMZ is that investigators now believe Heath Ledger died of "natural" causes. Only I guess the whole point of the report was "natural" is not in quotations, and, despite being only 28 and recently so vibrant and rugged as alternative lifestyle cowboy, Ledger just up and died.

As your friendly neighborhood death watcher I can confirm it is possible for a healthy 28-year old to suddenly die from a naturally occurring disease process. Although, speaking as an expert in death, it would be more likely the 28-year old had really succumbed to a bad drug interaction, or the symptoms of withdrawal, either of which outcome will be revealed after more precise toxicology methods . This hunch goes double when the deceased was formerly employed in the entertainment, hospitality or sex industry.

As for the popular charge that a bad Olsen twin interaction contributed to Ledger's death, this death watcher can not comment definitively, as I currently have no information on the mortality rates of the Olsen twins' relations. Although I will now be dutifully monitoring the being alive status of anyone Mary Kate or Ashley has ever had a romantic encounter and/or shares a masseuse with.

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