Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Google makes everybody smart

So far the Internet has been no friend of the criminally inept, holding them up to much ridicule by highlighting their punchless exploits on its many file sharing websites. But, despite this entertaining aside, the Internet could ultimately prove to be a bonanza for stupid criminals everywhere.

We see evidence of a shifting paradigm in Colorado Springs CO, were two burglars were able to use door keys and pass codes to break into an indoor amusement center, but didn't consider the money might be locked in a safe

After foolishly spraying the security cameras with WD-40 -- which just cleansed the murky lenses -- the two hopelessly fought with the safe for 75 minutes, not even knowing what direction to turn the dials.

Then one of the thieves noticed a computer, got on the Internet, and Googled "how to crack a safe." A few minutes later they made off with 12,000 dollars.

And, in a disturbing indication of the evolution of the slow-witted criminal mind, the men also stole the computer.

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