Friday, February 01, 2008

Most disgusting video ever hits mainstream media

There are some things the world isn't supposed to see. Topping that list this week is the Heath Ledger drug video -- a clip of Ledger discussing his heavy marijuana use since the improbable age of seven as he possibly snorts cocaine. Entertainment Tonight and The Insider paid a hefty sum for the party footage, and had been teasing it on-air, but have now decided not to run the video in its entirety "out of respect to Heath Ledger's family."

The Internet respects no family. So it's a safe bet the complete video will soon be an easy Google search away. It couldn't draw an impenetrable line even if it wanted to, but the closest the Internet has ever come to self-censorship of moving images concerns a horrific viral video titled Two Girls One Cup.

I'm not going describe what goes on in Two Girls One Cup -- other than it does involve two girls and one cup -- because you wouldn't believe it if I did. And that would encourage you to seek out the video for confirmation. Which is something I could not recommend less. Really, don't watch it. This is not a challenge.

While the video has been rightfully banned from any legitimate file sharing site (although still isn't that difficult to find on-line), some of the most popular YouTube viral videos in the second half of 2007 were so-called "reaction shots" to Two Girls One Cup. The expressions humans make when watching this abomination of humanity are quite entertaining, and well-circulated Two Girls One Cup reaction shots now include the stunned frozen faces of celebrities and even muppets.

These videos have been become a genuine Internet phenomenon, but most media sites (including this space) have been reluctant to write about them because it would encourage people to make the mistake of watching the orginal.

Yesterday Slate let the cat out of the bag and ran a gallery of Two Girls One Cup reaction videos. I found it shocking an online magazine with such a sophisticated readership and high end advirtisers would pull such a stunt. (Of course all shock is relative when discussing Two Girls One Cup.)

Again, DO NOT watch the original. If you do the video is NSFW.

Updade: The gallery is clawing its way to the top of Slate's most read and most emailed lists.

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