Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mostly makeup-less beauty queen passes mugshot

Katie Rees, who is an integral part of the disgraced beauty queen movement, was arrested last night for being physically aggressive towards a police officer.

The former Miss Nevada came into prominence in December of 2006 after photos of her locked in a series of faux-sapphic and semi-nude poses (NSFW) with fellow bar patrons surfaced. She was stripped of her crown, and went on to use her notoriety to promote parties in Las Vegas.

Rees's lawyer claims it was the officers who were the ones being "aggressive" towards the beauty queen, and cite either a chipped or lost tooth as evidence of the police brutality.

This is the second time in a little over a month a beauty queen has been taken into custody for violent assault. Kumaira Fulbright, a former Miss Arizona contestant and local pageant winner, was arrested in early January for the horrifying kidnap and torture of an ex-boyfriend, made even more horrifying by the fact her mugshot suggests Fulbright looked like a very scary man during the crime.

On the other hand Rees pulls off her mugshot with an almost Tom Delay-level of booking photo togetherness. Ok, maybe there is a little more black under the eye than would be expected from a healthy 23-year old, but Rees's arrest came at 3 AM after what I am going to assume was a long night of partying, while Delay's legendarily cheerful mugshot was a planned midday event, and the former Texas congressman remembered to put on his concealer.

But the bottom line is Katie Rees's relative cuteness under duress has made assault safe again for beauty queens everywhere.

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