Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Paterson is the walrus

Last week new New York Governor David Patterson told reporters that he and his current wife engaged in a bit of competitive infidelity for a few years a decade ago. In most instances this would go under the category of an unnecessary disclosure. But in the wake of ousted New York Governor's Eliot Spitzer's sexcapades I guess Patterson felt that by confessing he could get out ahead of the story and nip any potential scandal (like using tax-payer money to finance his trysts) in the bud. And since it seems like, between them, Patterson and his wife had slept with a good chunk of the New York metropolitan region during their rocky period the story may well have gotten out.

But this doesn't explain why, with a minimal amount of prodding, Patterson admitted yesterday to NY1 that he used marijuana and cocaine during the late seventies.

Politicians aren't the most honest folks on earth. So when you hear of an elected official who is "too honest" it is somebody like John McCain -- who tends to make a face when he is less than truthful.

But in David Patterson we may have finally have the genuine article. Just one week in office and we already have barely forced acknowledgments from him concerning sex and drugs. Which means Honest Dave is only a rock and roll disclosure away from completing the famous tripartite motto. Next week look for Paterson to confess that he, not Paul, was the walrus.

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