Thursday, March 13, 2008

She should have had more fiber in her diet

A woman in Ness City, Kansas was hospitalized after sitting on a toilet for two years straight years. This might sound made up, but it can be confirmed that her skin had grown around the toilet seat. So much so police had to separate the seat from the rest of the toilet with a crowbar before doctors surgically removed it from her body.

Police were contacted by the woman's boyfriend, who had been feeding her for the two years. Investigators are considering charges against the boyfriend, but concede the woman was in no way glued or tied to the toilet.

Authorities have yet to determine if she was physically or mentally disabled.

This odd tale is now the talk of the town in Ness City, population 1500.

According to a local resident the Associated Press spoke to, nobody "can make any sense out of it."

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