Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer pays back his donors

Eliot Spitzer, aka the man most likely to make a 5'5 inch 105 pound European American escort do unsafe things, was known to the girls he paid as George Fox. But where did the New York Governor get that alias? Early speculation centered around the George Fox who founded the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) faith in 17th century England, and was imprisoned for his beliefs.

But why? Famous Quaker Ben Franklin was apparently quite the horn dog, but one doesn't necessarily equate the Quakers with kinky extra-marital sex. Then again, if it is your want to sully the name of a religion's founder, you are better off besmirching one who started a pacifist religion than, say, putting Mohammad's name out there.

We have now learned that it was not Spitzer's intention to commit such heresy. Instead Spitzer got the pseudonym from a long time political donor. A spokesmen for the real George Fox just issued a statement to the press. Not surprisingly Fox is "distressed" and "disappointed" and insists "there is absolutely no connection between (him) and the Governor's alleged activity beyond the unauthorized use of his name."

So far we have learned Spitzer might have been paying up to 5,500 dollars an hour for female companionship. But how much money needs to be given to a politician to make the kind of impression that would lead him to use your name when he does such dirty deeds is still an open question.

Update: Or does these name George Fox come from the Rabbi George Fox? Who, improbably as it sounds, gained a sliver of fame in 1913 for ridding Fort Worth, Texas of its Jewish prostitution problem. Spitzer, who wanted to be America's first Jewish president, is more likely to have known about this obscure crime fighter than most. So maybe his pseudonym suggests that he viewed his high priced trysts with a sense of ironic detachment.

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