Tuesday, April 01, 2008

12 songs to listen to

I haven't done this in a while, but here are some songs I've been listening to lately:

Gardenia Stephen Malkmus Real Emotional Trash
I'm always huge Malkmus fan, but never more so after I read this interview he gave on fantasy baseball and the state of the Knicks.

One Thousands Years of the Tarantula Dengue Fever Escape From Dragon House
It has been said Dengue Fever mixes Cambodian pop with the psychedelic sounds of California surf music. That pretty much sums this song up.

Faster Gun The Wrens The Meadowlands
This band names most of their albums after unfortunate areas in New Jersey.

Le Pastie de le Bourgeoisie Belle & Sebastian 3...6 ...9 Seconds of Light
One of my proudest accomplishments of the last couple years is how many people I've helped get into Belle & Sebastian.

Time to Pretend MGMT Oracular Spectacular
I like the whole album, but often bands-- from Joe Walsh to frickin' Nickelback -- seem to be at their best when they are singing about the aspirational rock star lifestyle.

Country Home Neil Young Ragged Glory
I hadn't really listened to 1991's Ragged Glory until recently, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorite Neil Young albums.

Tailsman Air Moon Safari
I was reminded of this song the other day when I caught a piece of the movie Go on cable. Back in 1999 Air's music was everywhere, and Katie Holmes was really cute not associated with a freaky cult.

I'm Not There Sonic Youth I'm Not There Soundtrack
I'm the kind of Dylan fan that doesn't think the covers ever stand up to the originals, but this one makes a good argument.

Unless It's Kicks Okkervil River Stage Names
The whole album is top notch.

The Past is a Grotesque Animal Of Montreal Hissing Fauna You Are the Destroyer
My favorite song that is actually incredibly boring since Blue Oyster Cult's Burnin' For You.
(And this one clocks in at 12 minutes!)

History of Lovers Iron & Wine/Calexico In the Reins
I find Sam Beam's voice more effective when backed by Calexico's alt-country sound than with his typical minimalism.

Devil Inside INXS Kick
Amongst all this new interest in the songs of the 80's, I feel like INXS isn't getting enough attention. This song belongs in the next Grand Theft Auto and the Ipod of every 19 year old.

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