Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Berlusconi wins Italy by many (new ) hairs

Yesterday in Italy 71-year old Silvio Berlusconi defeated Walter Veltroni to became the head of Rome's 62nd government in the last 63 years. Not only has Veltroni often been referred to as Italy's Barack Obama, but he had written the introduction of the Italian language edition of Obama's book, and campaigned under the Italian language version of the slogan "yes we can."

Now you may remember Berlusconi from the other two times he was Prime Minister of Italy, including once ruling for almost five consecutive years. Given Italy's passion for new governments this would be the equivalent of an American President being in office for 237 years.

So what should 71-year old presumed Republican nominee John McCain take from his fellow septuagenarian's victory over a much younger, charismatic candidate? Well Berlusconi has been pretty candid about his many forays into cosmetic surgery and hair transplant procedures. (Although how could he be any other way in this age of photography?)

Berlusconi even once said hair transplants hold the key to power, and reportedly told his 35-year old political protege that it's never too early to start on a surgical path that will end either when you die or start being mistaken for comedienne Joan Rivers.

So if McCain uses the opportunity provided him by his rival parties extended primary season to "take some time off," the Democrats better watch out. This could also mean that Dallas Cowboy owner and extreme practitioner of male facial improvement Jerry Jones will one day be our ruler.

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