Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spanish women turn lemonade into lemons

There is little the humans are more fascinated by than looking at other humans naked. It's the same with our great ape cousins, and that's why the gorillas and chimps seem so distracted all the times and don't have much to show for themselves on the civilization building front.

It's not necessarily only a sexual thing. For example, in my last post, if I had provided a link to a naked picture of Daniel Baldwin (and that is not a link to a naked picture of Daniel Baldwin) I suspect a lot more people would have curiously snuck a peak than there are people sexually attracted to Daniel Baldwin. Perhaps in the whole entire world. In fact, if there is one thing that web site tracking software has taught us, it is that humans always like to look at other humans naked.

Which is what makes this item so sad: In a scheme mimicking the based-on-a-true story plot of the movie Calender Girls, seven middle-aged Spanish woman have posed nude in an attempt to raise money for their town's elementary school. In the movie the English women of a certain age raise over a million pounds. Unfortunately, in real-life 2008, not only did these fleshy senoritas came away with sales far short of that benchmark, but they got stuck with a 16,000 dollar tab for the printing of the calendar, causing much financial distress to their small village.

And that got me thinking: Is there any financial transaction in which the loss of money is more improbable than a transaction involving you taking your clothes off?

All I could come up with is any deal ending with you having one less vital organ than before.

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